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Château Béla

Hotel Châteaux Béla has been awarded as:
The Most Romantic Historic Hotel of Europe 2013

Hotel Château Béla is a place for those who appreciate beauty. The place where history, art and style meets.
Hotel Châteaux Béla has been awarded as:
The Most Romantic Historic Hotel of Europe 2013

Hotel Château Béla, in the midst of the picturesque landscape of southern Slovakia, is where luxury and tradition meet. Whether business or private receptions, the unique atmosphere of the castle will provide unforgettable impressions.
History of the Chateau Béla
• Chateau Béla is located in 870-year old district of Belá, in the south of Slovakia, only 10 km from Danube River and the medieval town of Estergom.
• 1138 – the settlement Bela was first officially documented as a property of archbishop Dömos.
• 16th century – the settlement was entirely destroyed by Turkish invasion and the remained unpopulated till the 17th century
• 1732 – János Terstyánsky initiated the building of the chateau. Shortly, the chateau had been re-built in French country baroque style by Andras Törok.
• 1780 – the chapel of the chateau has been consecrated, which is till now used as the local church, and the chateau has been bought by Pál Sherdahelyi.
• 1834 – the chateau became a possession of a foreigner Antal Baldacci from Corsica, who built up fortification, water moat, draw bridge and the park and invested all his wealth into the chateau.
• 1864 – the crypt of Baldacci family has been built in classical style under the chapel.
• 1880 – the chateau became a possession of Jakab Pelmutter - banker of Baldacci family.
• 1892 – the chateau fell in hands of Sigmund Brody, who built a new school in the village
• 1910 – Adolf Ullmann from Budapest became a new owner of the mansion. The Ulmann family owns the mansion till now.
• 1925 – his son Georg Ullmann inherited the chateau
• 1945 – the mansion was taken over by the government of socialistic Czechoslovakia
• 2000  - The daughter of the last owner Countess Ilona and her husband Mathias von Crockow bought the chateau back from the Slovak government and started careful historical 7-year restoration of the chateau, park and the church. Since then, the castle is back in its original beauty and became the residence for the Krockow family and is serving as a luxurious 5-star stylish hotel.

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Château Béla

Château Béla

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