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Ermioni Estate

The ultimate home away from home, a subtle approach creates a private residence enhanced by the convenience of hospitality and the beauty of simplicity. Spacious rooms with high ceilings decorated with beautiful frescoes and period furniture consist of 2 double bedrooms, 2 twin rooms, 2 single rooms, 2 bathrooms, one large kitchen, plus a dining and living room area, making this a venue fit for gatherings under the Mediterranean sun, with a daily maid service and the possibility of light meals provided and enjoyed in the estate’s terraces and open air dining areas shaded by age-old pine trees. 

Villa Highlights: Once the majestic summer residence of a noble, Greek family, the estate dates back to 1880. Nestled into a 5.5 acre estate of olive groves and vineyards situated across the sea of Ermioni, the historical estate’s natural beauty includes a showcase of scenic pathways that stretch across the land, thus enhancing the rustic charm already evident in the hospitality offered by those who have lived on the estate for generations, devoted to its care. Ideal for Private Exclusivity.


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Ermioni Estate

Ermioni Estate

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