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Gamletorvet Spiseri

Restaurant steeped in tradition

Gamletorvet Spiseri is located in the centre of Gjøvik. The building was erected by Gjøvik workingmen’s club in 1889, in the delightful Swiss style of architecture. It has been home to a library, cinema and theatre and has been the main gathering place for local citizens for 120 years. It has also been the site of innumerable political gatherings.

The restaurant area has a long history of serving food - all the way back to the very first days of the building. Today, the restaurant features urban furnishings and chandeliers from the early 20th century, and can seat 100 guests. The restaurant area is divided into four rooms, all with traditional names. The building is still owned by Gjøvik workingmen’s' club, which now comprises six local unions.

The food
Our menus are determined by the changing seasons and feature classical dishes with a modern twist. Our chefs prefer to work with Norwegian ingredients, including cod, asparagus, fresh-water fish and crayfish, game and the traditional dried cod dish of lutefisk, according to the season.

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Gamletorvet Spiseri

Gamletorvet Spiseri

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