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Hof Zuort

This 600 years old mountain auberge, shelter and farmhouse along the historic mule trail to Austria is by far the most remote Swiss Historic Hotel. A time capsule, asleep, way up in a dense pine forest , miles from any public road or construction. Alpine Luxury of simplicity at its best.

Zuort's Animal Farm is a peaceful cooperative: The twin cocks are let out of  the shed, exactly timed  to your family's wake up call instructions. Their feathered spouses provide the freshest ingredients either for simple ham and eggs or for our unimaginable traditional delicacies, Kaiserschmarrn and  more.

Three Haflinger horses are our hay-munching named-skilifts Akrobat,Galante and Nerz. In Zuort you can literally hear snowflakes fall. Our fine hosts and the authentic atmosphere are the kind you might expect in this rare time capsule.

Should you still wish to have a "modern" ski day out of Zuort: three high-tech ski arenas are a mere 30 min away. We suspect though, you and your children will rarely make this choice 

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Hof Zuort

Hof Zuort

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