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Historic Hotels of Europe


Discover a stay with style, substance, and soul when you explore the Historic Hotels of Europe Collection. Each of our members have a story - some may be obvious, some less so. But each has moved us to share it. And in sharing, we hand the story over to you. You’ll find castles, manors, convents, palaces, monasteries, farms, townhouses, villas and family residences, bursting with fascinating tales and unique experiences. Browse our handpicked treasures and start planning your own ‘Story to Share’... 


Gazing up at Welsh medieval castles, or breathing in the breezy scent of Tuscan meadows before indulging in bowls of fresh tagliolini are dreamy European experiences that will forever inspire flights to the continent. Our eclectic range of hotels are dotted around the most enticing countries in Europe, all with one thing in common: being true hotbeds of history. Centuries of conquering empires, enduring kingdoms, artists, traders and travellers have left their mark on these special locations. Which will you choose to explore next?


Traverse our Cultural Routes for a lasting memory of Europe, enjoying extraordinary stories throughout your journey. From gastronomic road trips to wine-lover’s trails, from strings of fairytale castles to the all the rooms with the best views, we’ve gathered them together. Bookmark one of our Itinerary Inspiration guides before your next adventure and discover more than you bargained for.

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