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About us

Board of Directors

The word ‘hotel’ does little justice to our unique collection of castles, palaces, villas, monasteries, convents and other ancient treasures. At Historic Hotels of Europe, we handpick dream properties in captivating destinations across the continent, all inspired by millennia of prosperity, charm, intrigue, romance and cultured creativity.

Choose from an eclectic range of historic properties across Europe. You’ll find that each of our hotels provide exceptional standards of hospitality and service, boasting fine dining and the very best in modern luxury while championing Europe’s historical heritage.

Our aim is to give you that ‘something special’, a genuine, one-of-a-kind experience. It could be living like a lord or lady at a 16th century manor, or a spa-based bliss on a Mediterranean island. You could crave a quaint townhouse among the cobbled paths of an old city, or dream of a grand hotel in the Alpine air. Explore our collections and discover the quirks, drama and fascinating stories behind these luxurious stays, both past and present. 

Our promise to you: A memorable Journey to History with a true Story to Share!


History, art and culture. These three areas combined with authentic hospitality and delicious cuisine are carefully cherished and dedicated to be daily experienced in the Historic Hotels of Europe. Monasteries, castles, manors or inns of faraway times have been transformed with a lot of love, sensitivity and devotion into marvellous places of great hospitality.

Preserving the heritage, transmitting history, caring of culture, maintaining of art, these are the targets which have been defined by the lords of the houses and castles in the most beautiful places of Europe. They form together under the umbrella of the Historic Hotels of Europe the important bridge from the past to the future. Choosing to stay in one ore several of these places are synonymous for travelling through time.

In times where high technologies rhythm our everyday life, it is essential to slow down every now and then. The Historic Hotels of Europe are the best reason not only to discover but also to experience the rich historic and cultural heritage of our different European countries. You will appreciate heritage travel in its nicest form.


Ghosts and witches exist only in time-honoured castle legends. Or is the castle perhaps really haunted between midnight and one o’clock in the morning? Be that as it may, in any case you can go to exploring the old walls of the Historic Hotels of Europe. A bit of curiosity is sufficient, and history transforms into a passionate story. And if the story is not true, it is at least well invented.

The Historic Hotels of Europe invite you to banquet princely, reside royally and sleep imperially. The magic of castle hotels and the particular cordiality of your host transform fairy tales into reality. The Historic Hotels of Europe invite you to experience history and authenticity in marvellous places all over Europe. No matter whether you stay only a week-end or several days, you will discover heritage travelling in its most enjoyable way and coming home, you will have a lot of stories to tell.


Is there any place on earth more romantic than an old castle, manor or inn, transformed into a beautiful hotel? Just think about a fine glass of wine in front of a crackling fire, a candle light dinner or a canopy bed. In love, newly wed or hearts celebrating their golden or more wedding, Historic Hotels of Europe offer everything romantic people are longing for.

Is there anything else more enjoyable than to bestow your darling with a good time in a nice place, to take your time, to flee the everyday life and to savour moments spend together in a beautiful place? Late rising, having breakfast in bed, giving each other time and attention and having pleasure thanks to simple things of life.

The Historic Hotels of Europe offer innumerable marvellous houses on the most romantic places of Europe, fine dining, the most personal service, style and character in its most authentic form.


Small is beautiful. This statement applies particularly to the fine small houses of the Historic Hotels of Europe. You find yourself in a totally different place, but you feel immediately cosy and homely. This unique experience in boutique hotels is owed to the particular talent of your host. His love for each detail and his full scale comprehension of service makes his house to a very special place, where you will have only one wish by leaving: coming back as soon as possible.

It is not a question of ultimate luxury and glamour, but the focus on essential things of life which shows that having a great and unforgettable time elsewhere may be so easy when you make the right choice of the place. The Historic Hotels of Europe are the guarantee of cordial hospitality, authentic tradition and fine cuisine combined with a highly personalised service. Experience enjoyable moments!


Historic houses, individuality of the places, cosy atmospheres, discrete elegance and a very warm welcome of your host, these are the most important characteristics for charming hotels. The Historic Hotels of Europe regroup the finest and most important selection of charming hotels and restaurants all over Europe.

Former convents, castles, mansions or post-houses, each of the Historic Hotels of Europe has its own history, its own style and charm. They all reflect a surprising diversity giving you a unique experience and a flavour of their country’s traditional hospitality combined with elegant accommodation and fine cuisine.

A stay in one or several Historic Hotels of Europe is a tribute to the art of smart heritage travelling.