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The word ‘hotel’ does little justice to our unique collection of castles, palaces, villas, monasteries, convents and other ancient treasures. At Historic Hotels of Europe, we handpick dream properties in captivating destinations across the continent, all inspired by millennia of prosperity, charm, intrigue, romance and cultured creativity.

Choose from an eclectic range of more than 400 enticing stays, dotted across 11 incredible countries. You’ll find that each of our hotels provide exceptional standards of hospitality and service, boasting fine dining and the very best in modern luxury while championing Europe’s historical heritage. 

Our aim is to give you that ‘something special’, a genuine, one-of-a-kind experience. It could be living like a lord or lady at a 16th century manor, or a spa-based bliss on a Mediterranean island. You could crave a quaint townhouse among the cobbled paths of an old city, or dream of a grand hotel in the Alpine air. Explore our collections and discover the quirks, drama and fascinating stories behind these luxurious stays, both past and present. 

Our Members

We know how important a hotel’s independence is to you. Every one of the 11 member groups we represent shares our vision: being custodians of each historic property and guardians of the stories and places of the past. As well as authentic architecture and incomparable tales, our independently-spirited hotels are superb hosts of the present.

  • Symboles de France


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  • Yades Greek Historic Hotels


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  • Ireland's Blue Book


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  • Abitare la Storia


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  • De Historiske


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  • Hoteis Heritage Lisboa


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  • Countryside Hotels Sweden


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  • Swiss Historic Hotels


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  • Welsh Rarebits


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Symboles de France

Symboles de France unites exceptional places in France which share the same high standards of savoir-vivre, taste, search for harmony and creativity. Each of its handpicked properties has its own unique character, authenticity and elegance.
Symboles de France

Contact info

Symboles de France,
Hostellerie, Arts & Histoire
17 bis passage Jean Nicot - 75007 Paris -  France
Tel:+33 0143255203 Fax:+33 0143263053,
Email : contact@symbolesdefrance.com
Website: www.symbolesdefrance.com

Yades Greek Historic Hotels

Yades Greek Historic Hotels invites you to enjoy a treasured experience at any one of our unique destinations in Greece.

Member hotels of the Yades Collection have a character of their own and history to share. They are located throughout Greece, in the Peloponnese, Western Greece, Thessaloniki, Kavala and the islands of Corfu, Santorini and Chios. Every visitor will marvel at the beauty of the Greek landscape and the exquisite settings surrounding a splendid manor house or historical building renovated with love and care. Furnishings dazzle the eye and capture a world of refinement.

All of the member hotels offer an exceptional standard of service and every convenience to accommodate a contemporary lifestyle.
We welcome you to live the myths of the mountainsides, the sensations of the countryside, the colours of the islands and precious moments at the Yades hotels, which open doors to the true heritage of Hellas.

Yades Greek Historic Hotels

Contact info

Yades Greek Historic Hotels, Milloni Str. 8, 10673 Athens, Greece
Tel:+30 2103640441 Fax:+30 2122132663,
Email : welcome@yadeshotels.gr
Website: www.yadeshotels.gr

Ireland's Blue Book

Ireland's Blue Book of Country Houses and Restaurants greets their guests with a Hundred Thousand Welcomes. The Association is one of Ireland's oldest and most prestigious tourist marketing organisations and comprises a unique collection of the country's foremost gracious and historic Country Manor Houses Castles and gourmet Restaurants with accommodation. These Houses provide an unusual and attractive alternative to conventional tourist accommodation.

All properties are renowned worldwide for their high standards of traditional hospitality elegant accommodation and superb cuisine. Our Country Houses and Restaurants let you discover an Ireland of dreams and legends from Cork and Kerry to Donegal and Down from Wicklow and Wexford to Galway.

Ireland's Blue Book

Contact info

Ireland's Blue Book, 8 Mount Street Crescent, Dublin 2, Ireland
Tel:+353 16769914 Fax:+353 16314990,
Email : enquiry@irelandsbluebook.com
Website: www.irelandsbluebook.com

Abitare la Storia

Founded in 1995, Abitare la Storia is an association of independent accommodation facilities in historical dwellings, both in towns and countryside settings, covering the whole of the Italian territory. It promotes the style and traditions of Italian hospitality, while guaranteeing reliability and professionalism, and welcoming in a unique way those who are able to recognize the traces of history and art that past centuries have left imprinted on these places.

The houses belonging to Abitare la Storia, either they are hotels, restaurants, historical residences or congress centres, are located exclusively in buildings of striking architectural and scenic beauty. Each house offers a unique experience and the warmest welcome. In addition, guests cannot fail to appreciate the enthusiasm of the owner-managers whose devotion to their work is an integral part of their professionalism and attention in welcoming tourists.

Abitare la Storia also proposes a series of itineraries which link the various associate properties. It aims at promoting the many marvellous artistic, scenic, gastronomic and oenological treasures that Italy has to offer. Chose Abitare la Storia and you will experience the present by discovering the fascinating phases of history!

Abitare la Storia

Contact info

Abitare la Storia, Presidency:
Tel:+39 3463055743 Fax: ,
Email : mailbox@abitarelastoria.it

De Historiske

De Historiske - historic hotels & restaurants - is a unique membership organisation containing many of Norway’s most charming hotels and restaurants. The group consists of 49 hotels, 17 restaurants and 2 ships which are members of the group.

A very definite perception of the responsibilities of the proprietor is required to qualify, with the relating of history forming the setting for the guests’ own overnight stay and gastronomic experience.

Our aim is to use the past as a backdrop for our guests, to enable them to create their own history based on experiences. It is our hope that these narrations may continue to live in the memories of our guests long after their return home.

Although the members of De Historiske each have their own distinctive characters, you will find that they have features in common: a warm welcome, good service, a friendly atmosphere and high quality in every respect. The quality standards that the group has in common ensure a generally high standard in the group, and our values of ”hospitable”, ”personal” and ”quality conscious” shall aid us in achieving our shared vision: we want visitors to find us ”a good place to be”.

Delicious meals and vintage wines, beautiful art and culture, design and decor based on deeply-rooted tradition and history, elegance, exciting tales, a romantic atmosphere and much more can be experienced without leaving the hotels. Golf, sleigh rides, ski trails, fjords, waterfalls, fishing, hunting, boating, mountain tops, museums, shopping, horse riding, walking tours and many other activities are there to tempt you right outside your door.

We offer far more than just a comfortable hotel bed and a tasty meal: we represent a wealth of experiences, for both the body and the soul.

Welcome to "A good place to be"! 

De Historiske

Contact info

De Historiske, Starvhusgt. 2B, P.O. Box 196 Sentrum, N-5804 Bergen, Norway
Tel:+47 55316760 Fax: ,
Email : info@dehistoriske.no
Website: www.dehistoriske.com

Hoteis Heritage Lisboa

Lisbon is a city which awakens the senses, which fascinates and draws us inside it. It is a city full of mystery and enchantment... A new sun, crystalline light... blue, pink, yellow... Tastes and smells, strangers and friends. Old palaces, narrow streets, salty breeze from a never-ending river... Folk who sing when night falls, ancient mystery. Children play, tears and laughter, Living city full of life... Open doorways beckon you inside!

Hoteis Heritage Lisboa are part of the fascination of this wonderful city. Managed by a Portuguese family Hoteis Heritage Lisboa are all found in small buildings and historic houses which belong to Lisbon's cultural heritage and offer a special, charming, family environment. Tradition and comfort go hand-in-hand and we give our guests the hospitable welcome they deserve. The individuality and beauty of the buildings added to the warm welcome extended make Hoteis Heritage Lisboa the ideal base for those who seek to experience the fascinating dream that is Lisbon.

Hoteis Heritage Lisboa

Contact info

Hoteis Heritage Lisboa, Tv. Salitre, 5, 1269-066 Lisboa, Portugal
Tel:+35 1213218200 Fax:+35 1213471630,
Email : heritage.hotels@heritage.pt
Website: www.heritage.pt

Countryside Hotels Sweden

The hotels are all individual - from tastefully renovated manor houses and centuries-old inns to elegant resort hotels set in magnificent grounds and genuine mountain lodges. What the hotels have in common is the warmth of their hospitality, excellent service, a welcoming atmosphere and high standards in everything they do - including food. Half of the hotel restaurants are listed among the top places to dine in the whole of Sweden.

Each of the hotels is, in a way, a tourist attraction in its own right. And each offers plenty of activities for young and old alike - tennis, golf, windsurfing, canoeing, sailing, fishing, hunting, walking, cycling, riding, river-rafting, rowing and folklore. Countryside Hotels also welcome children and offer advantageous discounts. The hotels have been chosen according to strict criteria and must achieve high standards to be admitted to the group. Our emblem has become synonymous with symbol of quality

Countryside Hotels Sweden

Contact info

Countryside Hotels Sweden, Box 2242, SE-403 14 Göteborg, Sweden
Tel:+46 31131870 Fax:+46 31131880,
Email : info@countrysidehotels.se
Website: www.countrysidehotels.se

Swiss Historic Hotels

Switzerland is full of historic hotels, guest houses and restaurants. Many of these valuable Swiss cultural and historical treasures have until recently lain hidden away. History meant dusty, old, out of fashion.

For a few years now, an increasing number of guests and hotel keepers have rediscovered the charisma, attraction and charm of these objects. Buildings and rooms have been dusted down and in keeping with the modern principles of friendly service and quality, these "guest houses" are irresistible.

Motto: Patina, not dust.

And so it was that at the beginning of 2004, authentic historic hotels and restaurants came together under the name «Swiss Historic Hotels». These «Landmarks» are the embodiment of each region's exciting history; revealing wonderful natural and cultural experiences; the cuisine and wine cellars offering mouthwatering delicacies. All five senses are catered for.
Within a few years it should be possible to enjoy unforgettable experiences in a dense network of these Swiss «watering holes».

Swiss Historic Hotels

Contact info

Swiss Historic Hotels, Beethovenstrasse 31, 3073 Gümligen, Switzerland
Tel:+41 313023226 Fax: ,
Email : info@swiss-historic-hotels.com
Website: www.swiss-historic-hotels.com

Welsh Rarebits

My name is Emyr Griffith. Welsh Rarebits is no ordinary hotel collection. I make no apologies for the fact that the personal approach is the one that works for me. I am passionate about hotels which offer high standards, not just in food and surroundings, but in that all-important third dimension - that elusive quality variously defined as atmosphere, ambience or, best of all, Croeso, the Welsh word for welcome.

Welsh Rarebits is a collection of luxury hotels, boutique hotels and country house hotels in the stunning scenery of Wales. Whether you want a romantic short break, a golfing break or a walking holiday there is a unique and luxurious hotel for you here in Wales.

The 43 members of Welsh Rarebits are personally selected by me. There is a meeting of minds because they too specialise in the personal approach - the kind of personal service which the charm schools of the big corporate hotels find impossible to provide.

It's a rare quality, but if you look hard enough you can find it at many different types of accommodation - which explains why Welsh Rarebits members include historic inns as well as Wales's top country house hotels, restaurants with rooms together with stylish resort hotels. It's this variety that gives Welsh Rarebits its unique character - and presents you with an unrivalled choice. With the help of this website, you can pamper yourself for a few nights in luxurious surroundings, then choose a more modestly priced place safe in the knowledge that you can still look forward to that rare Rarebits welcome, not to mention a commitment to excellence.

Emyr Griffith

Welsh Rarebits

Contact info

Welsh Rarebits, Tyglyn Aeron, Lampeter, SA48 8DD, Wales, United Kingdom
Tel:+44 01570470785 Fax:+44 01570470790,
Email : info@rarebits.co.uk
Website: www.rarebits.co.uk

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has been elected for the period 2015 - 2017:
  Mrs. Barbara Avdis - Contact by email
  Founder of Yades Greek Historic Hotels, Greece
  Mr. Claes Livijn
  Chairman of Countryside Hotels, Sweden
  Mr. Kenneth Healy
  Hotel Owner and Board Member of Ireland´s Blue Book, Ireland  
  Mr. Mike Morgan
  Hotel Owner and Chairman of Welsh Rarebits, Wales