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About us

The word ‘hotel’ does little justice to our unique collection of castles, palaces, villas, monasteries, convents and other ancient treasures. At Historic Hotels of Europe, we handpick dream properties in captivating destinations across the continent, all inspired by millennia of prosperity, charm, intrigue, romance and cultured creativity.

Choose from an eclectic range of more than 400 enticing stays, dotted across 11 incredible countries. You’ll find that each of our hotels provide exceptional standards of hospitality and service, boasting fine dining and the very best in modern luxury while championing Europe’s historical heritage. 

Our aim is to give you that ‘something special’, a genuine, one-of-a-kind experience. It could be living like a lord or lady at a 16th century manor, or a spa-based bliss on a Mediterranean island. You could crave a quaint townhouse among the cobbled paths of an old city, or dream of a grand hotel in the Alpine air. Explore our collections and discover the quirks, drama and fascinating stories behind these luxurious stays, both past and present. 

Our Members

We know how important a hotel’s independence is to you. Every one of the 11 member groups we represent shares our vision: being custodians of each historic property and guardians of the stories and places of the past. As well as authentic architecture and incomparable tales, our independently-spirited hotels are superb hosts of the present.

Abitare la Storia

Abitare la Storia

Founded in 1995, Abitare la Storia is an association of independent accommodation facilities in historical dwellings, both in towns and countryside settings, covering the whole of the Italian territory. It promotes the style and traditions of Italian hospitality, while guaranteeing reliability and professionalism, and welcoming in a unique way those who are able to recognize the traces of history and art that past centuries have left imprinted on these places.

The houses belonging to Abitare la Storia, either they are hotels, restaurants, historical residences or congress centres, are located exclusively in buildings of striking architectural and scenic beauty. Each house offers a unique experience and the warmest welcome. In addition, guests cannot fail to appreciate the enthusiasm of the owner-managers whose devotion to their work is an integral part of their professionalism and attention in welcoming tourists.

Abitare la Storia also proposes a series of itineraries which link the various associate properties. It aims at promoting the many marvellous artistic, scenic, gastronomic and oenological treasures that Italy has to offer. Chose Abitare la Storia and you will experience the present by discovering the fascinating phases of history!

Contact info

Abitare la Storia, Presidency:
Tel:+39 3463055743 Fax: ,
Email : mailbox@abitarelastoria.it

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has been elected for the period 2015 - 2017:
  Mrs. Barbara Avdis - Contact by email
  Founder of Yades Greek Historic Hotels, Greece
  Mr. Claes Livijn
  Chairman of Countryside Hotels, Sweden
  Mr. Kenneth Healy
  Hotel Owner and Board Member of Ireland´s Blue Book, Ireland  
  Mr. Mike Morgan
  Hotel Owner and Chairman of Welsh Rarebits, Wales