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About us

The word ‘hotel’ does little justice to our unique collection of castles, palaces, villas, monasteries, convents and other ancient treasures. At Historic Hotels of Europe, we handpick dream properties in captivating destinations across the continent, all inspired by millennia of prosperity, charm, intrigue, romance and cultured creativity.

Choose from an eclectic range of more than 400 enticing stays, dotted across 11 incredible countries. You’ll find that each of our hotels provide exceptional standards of hospitality and service, boasting fine dining and the very best in modern luxury while championing Europe’s historical heritage. 

Our aim is to give you that ‘something special’, a genuine, one-of-a-kind experience. It could be living like a lord or lady at a 16th century manor, or a spa-based bliss on a Mediterranean island. You could crave a quaint townhouse among the cobbled paths of an old city, or dream of a grand hotel in the Alpine air. Explore our collections and discover the quirks, drama and fascinating stories behind these luxurious stays, both past and present. 

Our Members

We know how important a hotel’s independence is to you. Every one of the 11 member groups we represent shares our vision: being custodians of each historic property and guardians of the stories and places of the past. As well as authentic architecture and incomparable tales, our independently-spirited hotels are superb hosts of the present.

Countryside Hotels Sweden

Countryside Hotels Sweden

The hotels are all individual - from tastefully renovated manor houses and centuries-old inns to elegant resort hotels set in magnificent grounds and genuine mountain lodges. What the hotels have in common is the warmth of their hospitality, excellent service, a welcoming atmosphere and high standards in everything they do - including food. Half of the hotel restaurants are listed among the top places to dine in the whole of Sweden.

Each of the hotels is, in a way, a tourist attraction in its own right. And each offers plenty of activities for young and old alike - tennis, golf, windsurfing, canoeing, sailing, fishing, hunting, walking, cycling, riding, river-rafting, rowing and folklore. Countryside Hotels also welcome children and offer advantageous discounts. The hotels have been chosen according to strict criteria and must achieve high standards to be admitted to the group. Our emblem has become synonymous with symbol of quality

Contact info

Countryside Hotels Sweden, Box 2242, SE-403 14 Göteborg, Sweden
Tel:+46 31131870 Fax:+46 31131880,
Email : info@countrysidehotels.se
Website: www.countrysidehotels.se

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has been elected for the period 2015 - 2017:
  Mrs. Barbara Avdis - Contact by email
  Founder of Yades Greek Historic Hotels, Greece
  Mr. Claes Livijn
  Chairman of Countryside Hotels, Sweden
  Mr. Kenneth Healy
  Hotel Owner and Board Member of Ireland´s Blue Book, Ireland  
  Mr. Mike Morgan
  Hotel Owner and Chairman of Welsh Rarebits, Wales