Historic Hotels of Europe has partnered with Klosters Music 2022

We’re excited to share that we at Historic Hotels of Europe have partnered up with Klosters Music 2022!

This annual event celebrates the anniversary of Klosters, based in the heart of the Swiss countryside. While the alpine village has become increasingly popular over the past century due to its amazing provision for ski lovers and jaw-dropping scenery, it has never lost its original charm.

Now, the village continues to whisper of a long history while welcoming tourists from around the world: clinging onto a heritage that Klosters Music has celebrated since 2019. We’re delighted to be one of their official partners this year, for like the event, the spirit of Historic Hotels of Europe revolves around shining a light on the continent’s most historic gems, and bringing its awe-inspiring stories to life. They’re our perfect musical match.

The motto “Zeitreise. A Musical Journey” was deliberately chosen by artistic director David Whelton to musically reflect the 800th anniversary of Klosters. Read on to learn more about the festival’s background, what to expect this year, and our top tips for attending.

Klosters Music 2022: an extraordinary past

Though Klosters Music has only been taking place for the past few years, Klosters itself has been known for over 100 as a beloved resort for travellers to come and get their skiing fix! Encased by the breathtaking Swiss alps, this perfectly placed village epitomises everything there is to love about Switzerland’s dramatic landscapes. It’s no wonder that everyone, from the British royal family to a host of celebrities in-between, have flocked here to spend their winter and summer vacations and gave Klosters the name “Hollywood on the Rocks”. Inspired by great film stars of the day, the musical “Singing in the Rain” with Gene Kelly will be shown at Klosters Music on the big screen on Friday, 5 August, with live orchestral music by the City Light Symphony Orchestra. 

The Gotschnagrat mountains, overlooking Klosters. Image source: Unsplash

Before Klosters became a popular holiday spot, however, it was a quiet locale established eight centuries ago. From near total seclusion to dizzying fame, the village has had quite the journey throughout time… a journey that the Art & Music Foundation, Klosters eventually decided to capture through Klosters Music. They put together the festival to shine a light on what this special location has to offer, and each year, the event takes its audience on an audio-centric adventure that’s as diverse as the history of Klosters itself. It’s truly something to behold (and hear).

What’s on at Klosters Music 2022?

Taking place between 30 July and 7 August 2022, famous soloists, orchestras, ensembles and conductors are set to gather in historic Klosters to take your musical appreciation to new heights.

The event begins with an outstanding orchestral tribute to Romanticism, interspersed with nods to Switzerland’s storied past. Elsewhere in the programme, enjoy eclectic musical ecstasy with a Berlin-based Philharmonic group, before listening to a fusion of music and literature performed by Alain Claude Sulzer and Oliver Schnyder. And there are far more acts, besides.

Learn more about what’s happening at Klosters Music this year and book tickets to whichever concert piques your interest. Whatever you choose to watch, you’re bound to be in for an unforgettable show.

Booking a ticket (or two)? Here’s where you should stay 

Hotel Chesa Grischuna has hosted a number of celebrities since opening in the 1930s, earning it the nickname “Hollywood on the Rocks”! This cosy property is one you don’t want to miss if you’re bound for the festival. Festooned throughout with chalet-style details and boasting a beautiful restaurant dishing up fresh food, it’s bound to be a popular pick for those heading to Klosters Music 2022. Reserve your room soon… There are only twelve on offer at this intimate locale.

As a guest of the Hotel Chesa Grischuna you benefit from a 10% discount on concert tickets.


This is just the beginning: we’re seeking more partnerships at Historic Hotels of Europe 

We have plans to partner up with more magnificent musical organisations in 2022. Keep your eyes peeled to find out who we’re supporting, and be the first to know about where to celebrate music in style across Europe in the coming months.


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