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Green Key 

Green Key

Green Key is the world’s leading certification programme for hotels and other tourism facilities. with more than 3,200 awarded establishments in 65 countries.

The award is based on compliance with a strict set of criteria within the areas of environmental management, environmental awareness and social responsibility. Green Key’s criteria for hotels and hostels are internationally recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. Green Key’s application, audit and award process is standardised and include regular on-site audits and third-party verification of the award.

Green Key is managed by the international charity, the Foundation for Environmental Education and its national member organisations.

For more information about Green Key, please visit www.greenkey.global.  

Global Forest Fund 

Global Forest Fund

The Global Forest Fund is a unique carbon compensation initiative that allows businesses and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint by providing valuable resources and environmental education to communities around the world.

Travellers can use the Global Forest Fund web platform to calculate their carbon emissions across a range of transport options and compensate for those emissions by donating to tree-planting and environmental training projects that help mitigate climate change and protect global biodiversity.

Green Key is managed by the international charity, the Foundation for Environmental Education and its national member organisations. To find out more: Global Forest Fund: www.gff.global



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Klosters Music 

Klosters Music

The fourth edition of Klosters Music (30 July - 7 August 2022) is themed “Zeitreise. A Musical Journey”. International classical music stars will make their mark on Klosters Music Week in the upper Prättigau. famous instrumentalists, ensembles, singers and more are set to gather in the historic Alpine village of Klosters to take your musical appreciation to new heights.

The organiser of Klosters Music is the Art & Music, Klosters Foundation. The aim of the Foundation is to hold concerts, festivals, exhibitions, readings and other cultural events in Klosters or its environs. In this context, there can also be contributions to the training and encouragement of artists, musicians and authors, particularly of as yet unknown performers and creators, with no geographical restrictions. The Foundation can furthermore support all types of projects and programmes that further this purpose.

To find out more: klosters-music.ch