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Hotels of Europe Awards: voting opens for 2018



If you’re getting your 2018 travel bucket list ready then the Historic Hotels of Europe (HHE) Awards are the place to start. Back for the sixth year running, HHE is inviting in-the-know travellers and past guests to vote for their favourite property.

With more than 400 historic hotels in 11 European countries making up the collection, the 8 diverse categories range from Historic Hotel Gourmet Award to Historic Hotel Castle Award. The awards are a chance to shine the spotlight on the staff and managers of hotels who give guests that ‘something special’ - outstanding hospitality, unforgettable experiences and a doorway to their property’s unique past.

“Our member properties are made up of fantastic teams who go above and beyond to create those hard-to-define travel moments money simply can’t buy. This is our way of celebrating them and saying thank you for the incredible work that goes into keeping historic hotels luxurious places to stay year after year,” said Historic Hotels of Europe chairman Barbara Avdis.

“Last year’s award winners range from magical German castles to serene Swedish coastal gems - needless to say, the benchmark is remarkably high.”

Find out more about the awards on the Historic Hotels of Europe voting page, which has been set up at http://www.historichotelsofeurope.com/award.html . Guests can vote in as many sections as they wish.

Barbara added: “It’s important that the fascinating histories of our hotels continue to be told - new stories are made by our members every day. Our wealth of castles, manors, convents, palaces, monasteries, townhouses, villas and family residences are handpicked for their style and soul, heritage and hospitality - and we welcome guests to champion the teams behind them with us.”

The deadline for voting is 17th of September 2017. Award winners will be announced in October 2017.

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For more information, high-resolution images or information regarding any of our member properties, please contact Claudia Buscher: Tel: 0039 0322 7214 , Email: cb@historichotelsofeurope.com


The Award categories 2018:


  1. Historic Hotel Castle Award
    Four-poster beds, royal interiors and all the charm of the chateau. Which sumptuous stronghold deserves the crown.
  2. Historic Hotel Countryside Award
    From sprawling surroundings to snug fireplaces, could you call this rural beauty a destination in its own right?
  3. Historic Hotel Wedding Experience
    Fairytale settings make any bride or groom feel like royalty. Which hotel got your vows and vote?
  4. Most Romantic Historic Hotel
    Twinkling stars, intimate bars, swoon-worthy beds and deliciously romantic ambience. Which hotel stole your hearts? 
  5. Historic Hotel Host of the Year
    Nothing’s too much trouble for an excellent host. Tell us which home-away-from-home blew you away with thoughtfulness.
  6. Historic Hotel Gourmet Award
    Fresh fare, fine surroundings and talented chefs: seeking out new flavours is all part of the holiday magic. Which irresistible menu gets your vote? 
  7. City Historic Hotel Award
    From cosmopolitan retreats to old-world luxury, which urban treasure was the ultimate base for city adventures?
  8. Historic Hotel with a Story to Tell
    Swathed in soul, charm, intrigue and prosperity; which one-of-a-kind stay moved you to share their story?


Notes to Editors:


Historic Hotels of Europe is a not-for-profit umbrella group, bringing together more than 400 properties and 11 member groups across 11 countries.


Our core values:


  • Historic Hotels of Europe is committed to providing guests with one-of-a-kind hotel experiences that deliver far beyond the expected: diverse and unique stays that blend culture and heritage with luxury.
  • We see ourselves as guardians of heritage: cherishing each property as a historic treasure within its nation and we seek to develop partnerships with like-minded people.
  • With your support and dedication, we continue to preserve and improve every property - and keep their remarkable stories alive.
  • We remain the most prestigious network of hotels throughout Europe and strive to provide all our guests with exceptional standards of hospitality and service.