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Åhus Inn

Åhus Inn, a cosy guesthouse located in Skåne, southern Sweden

On the east coast of the province of Skåne with its wide range of arts, culture, gourmet cuisines and beautiful landscape, lies the cozy medieval village of Åhus. Here the distances are small and the old-fashioned small-town feel is well preserved, with winding cobbled streets, marina and beautiful old houses. Amidst this idyllic small town is the village inn, which for centuries has been a natural gathering place.
The picturesque little inn offers not only personal and convenient accommodation in one of the cozy rooms but you will also be well looked after with personal service and care. The lovely lounge department is a large and airy, yet cozy and relaxing conservatory with a panoramic roof, generous natural light, lush vegetation and rippling water.

Here the food is the focus, lovingly prepared with local ingredients and served to guests from near and far. The inn was awarded 65 points in the Swedish "restaurant - bible" White Guide 2014.

Dating back from 1737, Åhus inn or "Gästis" as it is called by the locals, is one of Skåne's coziest and oldest inns with a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere. The location by the water in the marina with harbor views, combined with the good food makes it an idyllic destination year round.

Åhus guesthouse was founded in 1737 and the village of Ahus dates back to the 1100s. The idyllic town was previously known primarily for three things: its tobacco cultivation, vodka manufacturing and the inn. Tobacco growing is now gone, but the tradition of gästis and vodka left and cared for by many.

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Åhus Inn

Åhus Inn

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