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Hardingasete is a unique seminar and conference centre where the old meets the new. In a close embrace between old, authentic surroundings and state of the art facilities, you find Hardingasete. Here, we have attempted to recreate the environment in Western Norway as it used to be. A number of old houses have been moved to the spot, fitted with both antique furniture and the comforts of modern bathrooms and kitchens. The yard lies tucked away on historic grounds on the Ljones peninsula by the Hardanger fjord. Facing the west, it lies overlooking the beautiful fjord.

Hardingasete is created from 20 houses from the western region of Norway, dating from the period from 1600-1870. The houses are restored to authenticity using old building techniques, and they are all fitted with bathrooms. The houses range from 2 to 35 beds in size, so each groups can organise their guests as they please.

Localized in a brand new building, the conference rooms and meeting rooms are of high standard. The same rooms can also be used as assembly rooms. The dining hall and the kitchen are localized in a large barn from 1860, which gives them a unique atmosphere. There is also a bar there, selling alcoholic beverages.


By the pier, we have a refurbished boat house where it is possible to set a long table in the basement, and it is also possible to arrange meetings or even sleeping here. We can arrange a barbecue on the pier in the summer, in maritime and absolutely stunning surroundings.

In the old days, most yards used to have a wash house where the farmers also had fireplaces and did their brewing, and we have continued this tradition at Hardingasete. You can read more about this on the Activities tab, where you also find more information about the chip heated wood tubs and the sauna.

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