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Hotel Ängavallen

We are all guests at Ängavallen. The countryside is our host and we are your's. Great food in lovely rural surroundings. Culinary & organic.

If you've never come here, it's high time that you did! Ecology and gastronomy go hand in hand here. At Ängavallen the animals are treated with the greatest respect. The fact is that the way in which they are reared is unique throughout the world! As human beings we can also enjoy the beautiful countryside, but at the same time we are able to capture the aroma of the herb garden's produce to be used in the restaurant along with raw materials from our own farm.

You can buy your favourite foods in the farm shop to take home with you and if you want to prolong your time here all you have to do is book into our comfortable hotel. If you've already visited Ängavallen you are already aware of all this. But if that is the case then you also know that coming back is always equally wonderful!

Ängavallen's intimate and comfortable hotel has a total of 19 rooms and offers first-class accommodation in a genuine Scanian milieu. The smallest details in the hotel have been carefully selected, from the hand-made bricks in the facade to the old-fashioned bathroom fittings and the comfortable beds. The hotel is open all year round.
A place för extremely pleasutable culinary adventures in a beautiful country setting.

If you have never been to Ängavallen, then it’s high time you paid us a visit! Our food, the grounds and countryside and the philosophy behind Ängavallens Gård have gained us a considerable number of prestigious awards, from e.g. The Gastronomic Academy, E.M.Sandahl’s Foundation "Pour le mérite gastronomique".

Here at Ängavallen we always treat our animals with great respect. In fact, they are reared in a way which is unique in today’s world! People too are able to take pleasure in the beautiful countryside which surrounds us, to enjoy the fragrance of our herb garden, Örtagården, with herbs and spices which they can later savour in the restaurant, where they are matched with the farm’s own natural raw ingredients. You may purchase your favourite foods to take home, and if you would like to make the most of the wonderful time you are having then book yourselves into our comfortable hotel.

Hotel Ängavallen

Hotel Ängavallen