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Hotel Brosundet

A little imagination and you will sense history when you gaze out the windows of Hotel Brosundet. 100 years ago the person leaning out these windows would have been someone waiting for a fishing-boat to deliver its catch. The old Art Nouveau warehouse is now transformed into a tasteful boutiq hotel.

Our hotel is a retreat for your stay in Aalesund. Hotel Brosundet is small and intimate with only 47 rooms.

The seafood restaurant, Maki, completes your stay at Hotel Brosundet. The old warehouse on the water is, yet again, receiving seafood from the North Sea. However. This time around the seafood is not just passing through the warehouse, but enhanced to ambrosial dishes by the chefs at Maki. Maki’s ideology prides itself on creative and innovative use of the region's fish and seafood.

The jewel in our treasury-box is Room 47. Only a few minutes walk from the hotel lies the old and picturesque seawall of Molja. Our room 47 is the old lighthouse at the end of the rocky wall. Room 47 is just 12 m2 and circular. The lighthouse has been restored and it is furnished with a bed and bathroom facilities of the finest quality. Room 47 is a hide-away and a thrilling experience. You should share it with someone special.

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Hotel Brosundet

Hotel Brosundet

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