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Hotel Croix d`Or et Poste

The hotel post Münster, was mentioned already in 1530 as the "upper inn"


The house was extended in 1620 by Hubert Lagger for the family Riedmatten along with another building. He was connected with the greatest glamor of the noble family. 
The furnishings of the "Supra Ecclesia" tribe seat still bear witness to their unique splendor.
The east wing, a smaller Gommmerhouse, was passed on by inheritance to the von Riedmatten family by Meier Anton Lagger, the father-in-law of Colonel Peter von Riedmatten (who died in 1644).
Between 1677 and 1978, the son of the Colonel, the later leader of the province Peter, added today's central tract in the form of a stately Gommerhaus. At the same time, he furnished the room of the east wing, the old inn of the Meier Lagger, richly. On the second floor of the back wall he set up his house chapel, which does not exist anymore.
The administrator of the district, Adrian von Riedmatten (who died in 1719), did not only put the beautiful stove into the room, but he also changed the old Laggerhaus by installing a sweeping stair. His work is also the two-storey stone west wing. 
The Peter Anton von Riedmatten, who died childless in 1743, bequeathed the rural "palace" to Peter Valentin from the younger line of Riedmatten.
Around the year 1850 the Noblen von Riedmatten rented her family seat to the family Bapist Guntern to operate a hotel. In 1894 the sale of the building to the tenant familytook place after extensive reconstruction work, resulting in the Hotel Croix d‘Or et Poste. In the following years the enterprise changed owners several times: from Eduard Seiler, brothers Werlen, A. Nessier, H. Lagger to the present owners, the family Weber.

Prominent people have always met in the Hotel Poste in Münster:
In the year 1530, while Thomas Platter was enjoying his "Fröw" in Münster, Cardinal Schiner and his religious opponent, Ulrich Zwingli, met in the one of the room for an important meeting.
1779 took no less than the German poet Goethe in Münster Night lodging. 
1865 Edgar Whymper, the first starter of the Matterhorn. 
In 1870, Monsieur Ratti, who would later become Pope Pius XI, visited the hotel Croix d’Or et Poste, while he went through the Valais.

Open15. December - 31. March / 20. May - 31. October 

Rooms - Suites

Room numbers: 21 (4 single rooms - 16 double rooms - 1 delux double room)
Rates: 100 - 200 CHF / 96 - 112 €


It is a historical hotel-restaurant from 1620 in Münster, in the heart of the Goms. It is a gastronomic meeting place with a large solar terrace.

Regional specialities decorate the menu: Gommer cholera, fondue and cheese cuts. 
Seasonally: Wildly from Valais hunt, blueberry coupes, apricot cream. 
Warm kitchen of 11 - 21 o'clock.
Restaurant capacity: restaurant 38 / Goethe room 20 / hall 60 / terrace 60
Accolades: Ambassador of Valais lusciousness


Meeting capacity: 6-60 persons


Zürich 160 km, Genf 240 km

Local Attractions - Golf - Parks - Museum - Events

Local Attractions Castel in Brig 
Birthplace of Cesar Ritz 
Golf places 5km in Obergesteln
Parks/Gardens landscapePark Binntal 
Museums every Village (Goms) has his own museum
Festivals/Events mid - July country studies at the hotel 
mid - August summer festival 
im February literature Soiree 
Others suspension bridge in Fürgangen (ca.15km)

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Hotel Croix d`Or et Poste

Hotel Croix d`Or et Poste