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Hotel Ullensvang

Inspirational idyll in Lofthus

Hotel Ullensvang is located in the peaceful village of Lofthus, at the very heart of the unique, prize-winning cultural fjord landscape of West Norway. Lofthus can be found in the region of Hardanger. This is a region which has inspired numerous authors, artists and composers throughout the years. The Norwegian composer, Edvard Grieg, was a regular guest at Hotel Ullensvang for many years. The beautiful scenery in the area inspired many of his most famous works, such as “To the Spring” and “The Holberg Suite”. The small composer’s cabin he had built in the hotel gardens still remains, providing beautiful views of the majestic Folgefonna glacier, perfectly mirrored in the shimmering blue waters of the Hardangerfjord.

The origins of the hotel date all the way back to 1846, when Hans Utne rented out one bed – his own – to a guest in need. Since these humble beginnings, Hotel Ullensvang has followed the tides of change. Despite the many developments in this hotel’s long history, it remains in the loyal hands of the same family, generation following generation. The hotel may have all the modern facilities required today, but the family continues to provide a warm and caring service to all guests and has managed to keep alive local traditions as only a privately owned hotel can.

Other famous guests in the hotel’s history include Indira Gandhi, Willy Brandt and Henry Kissinger. The hotel is a popular destination for European royalty, but we provide all our guests with a “royal” welcome.

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Hotel Ullensvang

Hotel Ullensvang

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