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Krägga Mansion

You are here. At the present moment, 45 minutes from the Capital City of Sweden, surrounded by verdant nature and dearly hospitality. There is always time for you. Time for focused meetings, for reflection, for long-term romance, for pleasure and enjoyment. Time to be present.

Krägga Herrgård occupies an idyllic location in a bay of Lake Mälaren, just 45 minutes from the city – whether that city be Uppsala, Stockholm or Arlanda.

We care a great deal about our guests. That's why we want to make every moment you stay with us here at Krägga Herrgård a magical one. To offer you experiences for all your senses, and for heart, soul and taste buds alike. A view of Lake Mälaren’s waves gently lapping against the dock. The soothing steam in the wood-burning sauna. Golden sunlight. Butter slowly melting on a fresh-baked breakfast roll. Ingredients arranged into an elegant symphony on your plate. A lovely sleep between gently soothing sheets. 

The magical surroundings are best enjoyed along our two kilometers seaside walk with lush scenery and rippling water. The tour goes through the Highland Cattles grazing out in the forest where wild boar, deer and elk live in the wild.There is also a wood-fired sauna at the bridge by the lake, which accommodates up to 12 people    

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Krägga Mansion

Krägga Mansion

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