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Saka Manor

Saka Manor – The pearl of the North-Estonian coastal cliffs


Building: 1626


It is a place high up on the limestone bank, where natural and cultural heritage meet: the mansion in neo-renaissance style risen from ruins and the limestone bank chosen as one of the Estonian national icons.

Saka is one of the few manors in Estonia that has been fully restored. The mansion, reminiscent of Italian renaissance architecture, as well as newer buildings, surrounded by a park, have all been carefully renovated.

With its special location, privacy, and services, Saka Manor is the perfect place both for holiday trips, professional seminars, festive social events and weddings for up to 100 guests. The manor offers luxurious accommodation in the mansion as well as a 33-room hotel, and for summertime use, a cottage.

Suitable for seminars & conferences
In addition to the Ballroom, which can host concerts, conferences and parties, the mansion also consists of the luxurious Scottish Hall, furnished with a large roundtable and fitting up to 20 guests, as well as a Fireplace Chamber with antique furniture.

For conferences and seminars, an old Soviet border guard tower (now called Meretorn meaning the Sea Tower), located on the edge of the cliff, has been renovated and includes four meeting rooms; the largest of these is the Hogland chamber, accommodating up to 50 guests, and the smallest the Ruusker chamber, accommodating 12 guests.

Catering at the mansion is provided by the finest à la carte restaurant in Ida- Virumaa, providing everyday meals and festive menus by order in a variety of halls. The hotel includes a private spa with saunas and a small swimming pool, as well as a great selection of body care treatments.

Perfect for vacations 
Above all, Saka Manor is captivating for its location on the coastal cliffs of northern Estonia, and amidst an ancient park on the western end of the 70-year- old Ontika landscape protection area. A park pavilion, bower and benches alongside garden pathways allow guests to enjoy solitude, peace and quiet.

The paths lead to the lighted Kivisilla cascade and to a stairway that leads down to the beach. Nearby, a former gravel quarry, once used by the military as a dump site, is now the location of an amphitheatre, where numerous outdoor concerts take place on many a weekend for the Ida-Virumaa community.

Guests of the manor also have access to tennis courts, a beach volleyball court, a playground and a traditional swing, as well as military structures – awakening memories of the recent past.

The best way to become acquainted with the surroundings of the manorial estate is to follow the marked Klindimõisa hiking path that trails along the edge of the cliff and then heads to the beach below. The hike lasts just a few hours. A trip to Saka does not entail just an aristocratic residence and a picturesque park; guests can set out for longer journeys and discover the rest of Ida- Virumaa. Even the neighbouring Kukruse Polar Manor is a worthwhile trip. Come to Saka Manor and see it for yourself!

Rooms & Suites

The mansion includes 12 rooms:

  • 7 Double – cockloft rooms with a wide bed for two
  • 2 Deluxe – high-ceiling rooms for two
  • 1 Suite – two-room suite fitted with antique furniture on the second floor
  • 2 Suites – two-room suites fitted with antique furniture on the first floor which can be combined into a three-room Grand Suite with the Fireplace Chamber situated between the two rooms.

The suites have bath tubs and two rooms on the third floor have sitting bath tubs. All other rooms have shower booths. Every room has SAT TV, a direct-dial phone, rugs in front of the beds, a hair dryer in the bathroom, slippers and bathrobes. The mansion has a Wi-Fi connection. The visit of our mini water centre with saunas within 1,5 hours is included in each room rate. The visit time should be booked in advance.

The Hotel Building:

The three-star hotel was opened in 2003/2004. The hotel includes 33 rooms:

  • 5 SGL, 10 DBL, 15 TWN, 3 DBL Deluxe rooms.
  • DBL Deluxe rooms contain furnishings of a higher grade and they aare larger than standard DBL rooms.
  • 1 FAMILY (two-room DBL + TWN for four guests)
  • 1 DISABILITY (TWN with accessible bathroom)

All rooms with stylish decor and wooden furniture, each one has a shower, SAT TV and a direct-dial phone. DBL Deluxe rooms include tables for breakfast in bed, carpets in front of the bed, a hair dryer and bathrobes. Wi-Fi is accessible in the east wing of the building, in the restaurant, dining room, and in the upper and lower lobbies. Guests are offered breakfast and catering for larger groups in the hotel’s dining hall. The visit of our mini water centre with saunas within 1,5 hours is included in each room rate.

The visit time should be booked in advance. Breakfast is served: Monday-Friday 7AM-10AM, Saturday-Sunday 8AM-11AM. Check-in starts at 3PM, check-out is until noon.


The à la carte restaurant located in the basement floor provides catering in the Saka Manor mansion. Three dining halls with arched ceilings can accommodate up to 70 guests. Upon request, the mansion’s Ballroom and Fireplace Chamber can also host festive luncheons and dinner feasts.

The main Ballroom, fitted with round tables, can seat up to 70 guests; the Fireplace Chamber can seat 15 guests. An additional 20% service fee or room rental fee is added to prices pursuant to agreed terms.

Our restaurant is one of the best food spots in the county.

Restaurant capacity: 70 persons (all restaurant rooms together)

Estonian Hotel & Restaurant Association
Tastes of Eestonia top 50

Spa & Wellness

8 types of body care rooms:

  • 2 health capsules
  • Room with jacuzzi for two
  • Classical massage room
  • Body treatment room
  • Lava stone massage room

3 types of saunas: 

  • Steam sauna
  • Finnish sauna
  • Infrared sauna


  • Men’s and women’s dressing rooms with WC and shower rooms

Pool area includes:

  • A pool 6 metres in diameter and 1.1 metres deep, with waterfall and underwater jets
  • Children’s swimming pool
  • Contrast bath
  • 6 lawn chairs are positioned next to the pool


We offer couples our gorgeous and worthy manorial residence for celebrating the most important day of their lives. The entire manorial complex is at your disposal for holding an unforgettable wedding. Best wishes from our staff!

The historical 17th century Saka mansion has received a new makeover and interior, including a lovely Ballroom, 12 luxurious hotel rooms and the romantic à la carte restaurant. The Ballroom can seat 70 guests around round tables and the Salon can fit another 20 guests. The Salon can host wedding ceremonies and the Ballroom gorgeous wedding parties. Up to 100 guests can be accommodated in the estate’s two hotels.


The reservation deposit is 600 € and it will be deducted from the final bill. The deposit can be refunded if the reservation is cancelled at least six months before the reserved date. The deposit is not refunded if the reservation is cancelled later than six months in advance. A 100% prepayment for accommodation must be made 2 months before the wedding. A 50% prepayment must be made for catering services 3 weeks before the wedding. If prepayments are not made in a timely manner, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation, and the deposit will not be redeemable. All catering services (including alcohol) must be ordered from Saka Manor (wedding cakes are an exception).

Wedding capacity: up to 100 guests



  • Seats up to 100 participants in theatre style.
  • Coffee breaks offered in the nearby Salon for smaller events and in Fireplace Chamber for larger events.
  • Reserving the Ballroom for seminar costs 640 € per day

Fireplace Chamber

  • Seats 15 guests around a British-style antique table.
  • Can fit up to 25 guests with additional chairs.
  • Reserving the Fireplace Chamber for seminars costs 390 € per day.

Scottish Hall

  • Seats 18 guests behind a majestic round table with elaborately decorated high-back chairs; wonderful for official events.
  • Reserving the The Scottish Hall for seminars costs 320 € per day.


  • Small meeting room with soft antique furniture for 4 guests.
  • Reserving the Salon for seminars costs 190 € per day

Seminar rates for the three buildings can be found on the Seminar services page. Inform us of your personal needs and ask for a custom price offer.



  • A conference room on the first floor which fits up to 50 persons with theatre-styling seating and up to 30 persons with a U-shaped seating arrangement.
  • The back wall of the room is made of glass, a door leads out onto the terrace and viewpoint platform.
  • Reserving meeting room for seminars costs 255 € per day.


  • A seminar room on the second floor of the watchtower which fits up to 20 guests. Tables are arranged in a U-shape.
  • The room has a glass wall, a door leads directly to the balcony.
  • Reserving meeting room for seminars costs 191 € per day.


  • A seminar room on the second floor of the watchtower which seats up to 20 guests.
  • Room includes WC but has no balcony.
  • Reserving meeting room for seminars costs 159 € per day.


  • A meeting room with carpeting, comfortable chairs and round table for 12 guests situated on the third floor of the watchtower.
  • Includes supplementary rooms and WC. Coffee breaks can be offered in the room called Paus next door.
  • Reserving meeting room for seminars costs 159 € per day.


  • Exclusive workshop room for up to five guests on the third floor of the watchtower.
  • Wall-to-wall carpeting, fashionable couch or armchairs, with no traditional desk.
  • Door in the glass wall leads to balcony with a view overlooking the sea. Reserving this room costs 63 € per day.


  • The first floor of the watchtower includes a sauna and anteroom that fit up to 12 guests.
  • A sauna menu and drinks can be ordered. Public restrooms are located on the first floor.
  • Reserving sauna costs 19 € per 1 hour.

Seminar rates for the three buildings can be found on the Seminar services page. Inform us of your personal needs and ask for a custom price offer. 

Meeting capacity: from 5 to 100 guests



Tallinn airport, 148km away


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Saka Manor

Saka Manor

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