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Skites Hotel and Bungalows teeters on the border of Mount Athos, protected by the State under the auspices of UNESCO, and officially known as the Autonomous Monastic State of the Holy Mountain. According to legend, the Virgin Mary blessed the mountain for its natural beauty, after which it was named the Garden of the Holy Mother of God. Out of bounds to women since the 3rd or 4th centuries AD when monks were known to have settled the area, Skites is one of the last visible buildings before encountering Mount Athos. A private Eden where men and women might bask in the beauty of Halkidiki, one might say this is a secular retreat for dedicated worshippers of harmony. 

Hotel Highlights:

The hotel architecture is inspired by the Athonete sketes, Christian hermits who follow monastic rule. As such, the properties are modest in design and minimalistic in décor, with bungalows becoming one with its famed natural surroundings. Understated, regular cultural events ranging from classical music concerts and poetry evenings, to performances of modern dance and theatrical productions create an atmosphere of serene contemplation and fulfillment.



8 rooms, 13 bungalows and 4 suites with authentic furniture and decoration, mini bar, private balcony or garden, direct access to private beach




Wellness meetings and presentations



Rates are from 120€ to 230€ including breakfast


Open May to October