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Statholdergaarden Restaurant

Gourmet restaurant

Statholdergaarden is one of Oslo’ best restaurants and is run by Bent Stiansen. Chef Bent Stiansen was the first Norwegian to win the Bocuse d’Or culinary world championship in 1993. Statholdergaarden is located in the historical part of Oslo, Kvadraturen, and the building dates back to 1640. Governor Ulrik Fredrik Gyldenløve lived in the house at the end of the 17th century and gave the name to the restaurant (governor in Norwegian is stattholder). The beautiful stucco ceilings were created in the 18th century and are thought to be the most delightful examples of stucco in Norway. The Cleopatra room depicts the dramatic death of Cleopatra as she allows herself to be bitten by a venomous snake. This historic event is portrayed in the spirit of that time – late Baroque to neo-Rococo. Bent Stiansen creates modern food based on ingredients fresh the same day, and composes a new six-course menu every day, with suggestions for wines to be served with the dishes. The cellar houses a more informal restaurant, Statholderens krostue, where we serve open sandwiches piled high with toppings at lunch time and exciting Scandinavian dishes in the evening.

Type of cuisine:

Statholdergaarden is a Norwegian gourmet restaurant where culinary world champion, Bent Stiansen, is in charge in the kitchen. He creates a new six-course menu every day based on ingredients fresh that day with a modern feel and inspired by European food traditions. Statholderens krostue is our more informal restaurant downstairs in the cellar where you can enjoy open sandwiches with plenty of toppings at lunch time and an exciting menu in the evening. We specialise in ten-course menus featuring different elements from European cuisine at a price of NOK 499.

Other details:

Statholdergaarden has a number of small rooms and each can cater for small private parties from 8 to 20 persons. The restaurant seats a total of 75 guests. Downstairs, the Krostuen has three rooms each seating 20 to 40 persons, a total of 90 guests.

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Statholdergaarden Restaurant

Statholdergaarden Restaurant